• Dr Vogel – No Time To Die (Cari Joji Fukunaga, Eon Productions)
  • Claire Winters – NOX (Keyvan Sheikhalishahi, Amitice Productions)
  • Agent D. Parker – Metamorphosis A.D. (Paul Van Beaumont, Beaumont Productions)
  • Dr Vogel – SPECTRE James Bond (Sam Mendes, Eon Productions)
  • The Jaakhin – The Jaakhin (Steven M. Smith, Greenway Films)
  • Kathryn – The Quiet Hour (Stephanie Joalland, Frenzy Films)
  • Michele – Walking with the Ferryman (Adrian H. Robinson, Fiery Archer Prod.)
  • Emmeline Vance – Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix (David Yates, Warner Bros.)
  • Amelia Holland – David Is Dying (Stephen L. Jackson, SAR Prod.)
  • Mum – Psyche, the Prologue (Uros Udovc, A Few Brave Men Prod.)
  • Rebecca – Run Away With Me (Eren Ozkural, Kinotrigger Prod.)
  • Journalist – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton, Warner Bros.)
  • Gertrude – Wolfman (Joe Johnston, Warner Bros)
  • Claire Winters – NOX (Amitice Productions, Paris, France)


  • Mrs Tozer – Desperate Romantics (Diarmuid Lawrence, BBC)


  • Accountant – DPD Commercial 101 TV
  • Café Woman – Stella Artois Viral Stink TV
  • Customer – Gold Commercial (Space City Productions)


  • Francesca – Firefly (Rikki Beadle-Blair, Theatre Royal Stratford East)
  • Mrs. Linde – Doll’s House (A. Garrett, Tour UK/Europe)
  • Stella – Streetcar Named Desire (A. Garrett, Tour UK/Europe)
  • Puck – Midsummer Night’s Dream (W. Metcalfe, Tour UK/Europe)
  • Greta – Metamorphosis (W. Metcalfe, Tour UK/Europe)


  • Accents: RP, Standard American, Standard Irish.
  • Australian, South African, German, French, Russian.
  • Martial Arts: Black Belt in Karate/Martial Arts, Stage combat, Acrobatics & Stunt Training, Weapons Training, Hand to hand combat.
  • Dance: Ballroom/Latin, Period, Jazz, Contemporary, Tango Argentino
  • Languages: Fluent in German, proficient in French, basic Russian.
  • Other skills: Horse Riding/side-saddle, Singing.